New Merchandise

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been working on some great new things.  I’ll keep you posted.

One of these things is this – NEW SHIRTS

Check these out.  Be the envy of all your friends (and maybe your enemies – I won’t judge)!  Just click on the shirt you like and pick one up for yourself.  There are many different colours too.

newfoundland, gutfounded, slang, loves, love, province
Ya knows ya LOVES IT


This is my favourite design so far.  Simple outline of my home province with the saying “Loves It.”  Show your Newfoundland pride with this shirt.

newfoundland, gutfounded, slang, loves, love, province

This wonderful shirt tells everyone what type of person you are – Saucy.  According to the Newfoundland dictionary people who are saucy are understood to be skittish, belligerent; unpredictable,  or dangerous. We’ve all been that some time or other right?

newfoundland, gutfounded, slang, loves, love, province

This phrase is most often said to young children or babies when you see them all dolled up.  “That’s some sweet, luh,” one would say if you’re looking into a baby stroller and spying a wee one in the basket.  Show everyone that you haven’t grown out of that phase yet with this “Some Sweet” tee.

newfoundland, gutfounded, slang, loves, love, provinceBe the master of all with this “Skipper” tee.  The skipper is the master of the house as well as the ship.  It can also be used as a name for someone if you don’t recall their actual name.

All these wonderful shirts are perfect for sharing your love of Newfoundland and its culture with the world.  Pick one up soon before they’re gone.

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