Christmas Cookie Countdown and Contest

cookie, contest, newfoundlandIt’s the first week of November and already the shops are filled with holiday decorations and I’m starting to hear the holiday music being played over the airwaves.  And I LOVE it!  Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many out there who think the holiday starts way too early and one part of me does as well.  I totally get it.  I am still of one mind that holiday decor and goodies should be set out after Remembrance Day here in Canada, November 11.  It gives enough time for the average person to bathe in the holiday without getting too sick of it.

I, on the other hand, don’t mind the music playing.  I’ve been known to watch Christmas movies in the July heat.  Crank the Christmas tunes while driving in April.  There isn’t a time where I mind having a little Christmas in my life.

And we have busy lives.  With school, work, getting everyone organized and prepped for the holidays, it can get a little overwhelming.  That’s why I like to bake.  You can make a double batch and freeze some for the holidays.  That way it will seem that you’ve slaved for hours and hours, making all these different types of cookies, right before all your guests show.

So, I wanted to start a little early and give you a new cookie recipe each week before Christmas to help you along.  These recipes are ones of my favourites and I’ve gone back to them again and again.  Of course you can also find some more of my cookie recipes from previously to try as well.   Scrunchies are a great Newfoundland classic and are great for using up some pantry staples.  Or try the wonderful molasses drop cookies that seem to be in every Newfoundland kitchen during the holidays.

Starting this week I’m going to post a new cookie recipe for you to try and keep for your holiday gatherings.  And mid December I’m going to have a contest in which someone will win a great prize for themselves or a loved one.  I’m not going to give it away just yet.  Stay tuned.

Remember, don’t be hungry, be Gutfounded.

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